Aman Ceria a One-Stop Learning Hub
Our Commitment to Quality Preschool Education

and Co-Curricular Activities

Enrolment for 2019 is now open!

* Kindergarten: 2-6 years old
* Halfday & Fullday child/ student care

* Encompassing interesting and engaging activities.

* Innovative curriculum helps children learn and develop both within
  and beyond the classroom. 

*  Children see learning as an adventure, both enjoyable and fun!

 For inquiries on enrollment or to schedule a school visit, please call first.  
 In order to allow teachers to focus on our children during their daily lessons.
 We seek your understanding.

  Address: No. 11, Jalan H 1 (Phasa 5) near Bulatan Mas 
                      Taman Melawati, Ulu Kelang
                      Ulu Kelang, 53100 Kuala Lumpur
                       03-41070261 / 03-41054382


All Children have Potential to Succeed

We work with our students, whatever their ability, to help them achieve their potential. We aim for them as aspirational, confident young leaders, ready to take on new challenges and have a lifelong love of learning.

* We have a great team of dedicated teachers who share our passion for teaching. They are selected from among the most experienced and qualified teaching professionals.

* They care deeply about your children's success. Providing them with a fulfilling and enriching experience in the school.

Unleash Children's Potential and help them succeed in school

When your children are equipped with positive attitudes as well as effective learning strategies and life skills, they will be able to unleash their potential and excel in all areas of their life.


• Children are eager learners - Teachers instill in them the love of learning and the desire for constant knowledge.

• We provide the necessary skills to place your children on the path to academic success and healthy personal growth.

• Individualized attention - The small teacher to children ratio creates a suitable environment for interaction, allowing your children to learn at their own pace.

• Multi-lingual, cultural environment is crucial in the learning process. Children learn to respect and accept differences in others be it cultural, religious, racial...

• Teachers are always looking into new ways to enhance children's learning. Identify their strengths and weaknesses to guide your children through...

° Cognitive development

° Language and communication

° Physical and creative expression

° Initiate positive behavior

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