Benefits of the Enrichment Programs

Strengthen Academic Skills, Maximize Potential

• Enrichment programs maximize potential, offer added experiences that support and strengthen academic skills, fostering a lifetime love of learning.

• Small class size, individual attention, children can quickly gain new skills that are vital for future success in school and life.

• There are many different types of enrichment program available such as...

Mastering English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin


  • Learning languages sharpen children's reading skills.


  • Promote self-confidence and competence in English / B. Malaysia / Mandarin languages. 


  • The goal is to achieve a high level of proficiency in listening, speaking, and writing.

Intensive Reading Class

English / Mandarin (汉语拼音) & Bahasa Malaysia

• The language used is kept simple, learning through games, songs, stories and activities while having fun with the teachers and friends.

• Phonic / Letter-Sound Recognition / Word building / Sight Reading Rhyming Words Communication / Comprehension

• Audio visual contents and flash cards are used to improve children' visual sense. This allows them to understand easily, in order to cultivate concentration and memory.

Speech & Drama

Singing, listening, exploring percussion instruments and musical drama

Speech and drama allow children to communicate, articulate, and express themselves in a natural and positive way. Boosts confidence to carry on a conversation.

• Children develop social skills, overcome shyness, build self-esteem, leadership skills, increase the ability to adapt and improvise. Include singing, listening, rhythm patterning, exploring percussion instruments and musical drama.

Music Education: Piano , Violin, Musikgarten

• Music education is beneficial, stimulates and helps in brain development.

• Fostering creativity, imagination, language and movement development.

• Skills at each level include; play and recognize musical notes. Children are able to understand musical terms and symbols...

Art & Craft

• Develop children's creativity and self-confidence, learn new ways to perceive the world.

• Activities improve fine motor skills, lengthen their ability to focus on their creative work.

• Encourage and nurture the artistic talents, to explore various mediums and self-expression.

• Mix and match colors, sketching, painting, and crafting through a fun and interesting way.

Ballet Class

  • Ballet benefits the children's musicality, expressiveness, body toning,  muscle development and above all enjoyment.

  • Ballet introduces structure and discipline in the young dancer


  • Ballet improves posture, develops poise and coordination. 


  • Ballet helps develop  social skills and greatly improves confidence.

Discovery Science

• One of the benefits of science is the development of scientific thinking. Science activities emphasize on hands-on experiences.

• Simple science experiment stimulates cognitive learning. Enhance other areas of development such as physical, social and creative.

• Building on the children's interests, basic science skills ( observing- exploring, classifying- predicting- experimenting- communicating.)

  • A strong foundation, for later understanding of abstract science concepts.

Holidays Adventure Fun Camps


  • Holiday Camp Program offers fun, interactive, educational activities for young children- engage in fun learning and exciting  adventures 


  • Camp creates an environment where children can explore exciting new things, cultivate friendships and create lasting memories.


  • Camp programs provide a well-rounded experience from the physical, mental, social, and emotional aspects of their development.


  • Under supervision, children learn about science, art, music, sports, cooking, interactive games, drama, role play, EQ and leadership skills...

The Camp Objectives ...

• Empower children to succeed in school and in life

• Build confidence and self-esteem

• Develop a sense of community

• Stimulate creative and innovative thinking

• Inspire leadership and teamwork

• Cooperative activities with peers, learning to care, share, help

• Widen experiences through critical thinking, how to solve problems 

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